Policies and Procedures

Here we have provided a library of resources related to HOPE International School and COVID-19 policies and procedures. All documentation will be updated regularly so that you have the latest information.

COVID-19 Sick and Testing Policy.pdf

HOPE COVID-19 Testing/Sick Policy

Updated: 16 November 2021

Updated COVID-19 Exposure Management-2.pdf

Close Contact Chart

Updated: 20 November 2021

Monitoring Checklist-2.pdf

COVID-19 Symptoms Checklist

2021 Reopening Protocols & Guidelines .pdf

PP Reopening School Protocols & Guidelines

17 September 2021

16.11 HOPE Covid Protocols.pdf

Returning to Campus Protocols

16 November 2021

Isolation vs. quarantine.pdf

Isolation vs. Quarantine Definitions

COVID Tree Flyer.pdf

COVID Health Committee & Leadership Team

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